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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Joys of Barter, Progress and Medicine

Gaia (or deity of choice) bless barter. Don't get me wrong, I love "real" money, but it tends to be in short supply. Alas, the beautiful notes from what used to be Nelson's barter bank are no longer in circulation.

But we can still practice the noble art of money-less exchange on our own. I have been giving a neighbor weekly Reflexology sessions all winter in return for various chores when the time comes. Simply an hour of my time for an hour of his. Can any exchange be more fair? I told him not to  worry about running up a credit, we'd square off in spring.
Are we ever!

I have two left hands and they are both all thumbs, but they are healing hands with green thumbs. Rick is handy. It has been a great deal for both parties.

So far, my new friend has fixed my stove, which saved us about a hundred bucks, fixed my food dryer, saved me some anguish over the computer, built the basis for a rooted cutting system, and best of all built me a whole pile of sturdy wooden boxes for use in the garden. It is a good thing the wife started to come as well, because I have more projects in mind.

The middle garden will be entirely laid out in boxes, surrounded by wood chip mulch. Does this start to look better or what! Note more frames that don't have a home yet.

Up the hill the first bed is planted with snow peas and sugar snaps, and some miscellaneous early greenery
along the edge of the bed. Just a single row, no square foot stuff. The very earliest planting, done on March 27, took forever to come up. It was a total experiment, normally we can't even plant in April, let alone March. We got a cold spell right after that. I was and still am so desperate for moisture that I even welcomed snow and sleet. As long as it's wet.
Today I got overly ambitious in the kitchen and didn't get as much done outside as I wanted to, but these tomatoes got transplanted into generous pots.
And finally, I found the mother of all Dandelions near the raspberries. We ate the leaves and the roots are soaking in wodka for tincture. My liver will be grateful.

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