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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Two weeks later. The weather has not been spectacular, but it is a bit warmer than the last few years. Inside the greenhouse it is delicious as long we have a wee bit of watery sun now and then. A few days ago it rained all night. Perennials are bursting forth. I swear the lovage shot up a foot overnight. 
The first flush of spring flowers is fading. 
Farewell crocus, snowdrops and and eranthis, hallo periwinkle!
The daffodils overwintered in the veg garden. As usual I just did not have the oomph for careful placing of bulbs last fall. I  stuck them in any old way with frozen fingers . They were good sports about being transplanted. 
Some miserable soil-dwelling wormy pest likes to burrow into daffodil bulbs. I have learned to treat them like an annual. Too bad. If all the bulbs I have planted over the years had multiplied like they are supposed to this land would be a showcase by now......The low primroses are all descendants of supermarket plants on offer in February. Primroses like me.
Eranthis fading, lungwort about to burst into flower.
The place is actually less of a mess than I thought. Last summer niece-by-marriage Marjel helped me to place the last of the wooden frames below the greenhouse.
For now this section will be mainly devoted to herbs and stock for bedding plants. Some of the beds were on established soil, but the one in front is a Lasagna. I hate to admit it, but my days of digging new ground are coming to an end. I put down cardboard and layered peat moss, strawy chicken manure and leaves. It seems to have worked well. 
Just for this year the garlic is growing in 3 small lasagna beds. It looks like it has no complaints.
Yawn. That's it for this update.

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