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Sunday, May 27, 2012

To board or not to board?

In the spring of 2009 son Alex built me 4 raised beds with scrap wood and slabs that a friend had delivered. The beds were already in place, but boarding them up was new. I loved it. 
The next year I managed to bang two more together, using scrap and some sturdy 2X12s that were liberated from a never-to-be-finished construction project. By this time Alex had left for the flesh pots of Vancouver. 

Unfortunately the slab constructions tend to fall apart during snowy winters, which means precious spring time has to be wasted on repairs.
Dear readers, I am hopeless at anything to do with handy work. It takes me forever, and the results are ramshackle at best. My visions of an orderly vegetable garden, with straight beds separated by weedless paths covered with wood chips are bound to remain just that, visions. 

I am not wedded to straight lines. A playful artistic arrangement of curvy raised beds would be even better. Alas,
while I appreciate good design I lack the ability to create it. As Alex observed, if you can't pull off artistic it's better to keep it clean and simple. Ergo, straight lines.

The question remains: do I replace the boards or just rip them out where they have fallen apart and go back to the old way? 

With two by twelve boards even I can create a frame that will hold up. This would be my preferred way to go. But I'd have to buy the boards. I'll start by ripping out the most collapsed frame of slabs, pictured above. And I'd better hurry. May is almost over, time to get everything in!

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