View from the deck on a glorious morning in early June.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Life is what happens while you're making other plans

So, here we are in early August. I had scaled-down plans, but even those had to be abandoned. A funny thing happened on the way home from a pre-op chat with the anesthesiologist
on July 5th. 

My dear husband has always been a fantastic, safe and secure driver. This is the man whose bus driving was so much safer that some seniors would wait for one of his days to take the 
community bus to Nelson. This is the man who has been the mainstay driver of our dear co-grandparents, who need frequent unexpected medical trips out of town. 

We still don't know what happened. Most likely he fell asleep for a fraction of a second. The stress of the whole cancer thing may have gotten to him.

But on a quiet stretch of road, not too far from the ferry across Arrow Lake, the road made a gentle curve to the left and the car kept going straight. There was a second of WTF?! as we went airborne. Then a sickening crash and the feeling of being inside a breaking wave. Then the car stopped in a deep ditch, leaning over to the passenger side with the door gaping open. It turned out we had gone arse over teakettle and landed facing the opposite direction. It could all have been a lot worse. 

We scrambled out, dazed. I noticed right away my right knee did not feel right, though all attention was on my right arm, which looked like something out of a zombie horror movie.
Anyway, never mind the details, this is the garden blog. The whole health thing is on the personal blog in boring detail.
The upshot is that I have just returned home from 4 weeks in
hospital, and am now recovering from surgery to a broken knee as well a right hemi-colectomy, complicated by a dose of Cdiff for good measure. 

We have had all sorts of people helping out, and Old Dutch has done a heroic job getting the glut of precious raspberries picked and frozen. The garlic should be ready. My lovely girl has altered her vacation plans and will be here on Tuesday to help with cooking and gardening, as well as enjoying some Kootenay down time. I hope I will be allowed to put weight on my right knee on August 21st. Till then, I am stuck indoors with occasional ventures out on the deck. So it goes. I am stronger by the day, but for now, this is it for garden season 2012.

It may well be time for us to move down into the village. I have been fantasizing about living in a house with a yard and getting around on foot. Saving money by using less car and maybe having a little boat in the marina. A girl can dream.


  1. I hope your husband is okay. Might as well get two surgeries done at the same time. Saves on hospital costs.

    You need to put your hands in some dirt. Have Old Dutch bring you a container garden to play with.

  2. Lol. Old Dutch is NOT a caregiver, and not a gardener. Dirt will wait. As for the hospital costs: There are none. This is Canada.


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