View from the deck on a glorious morning in early June.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vision meets reality. Rusty nails and rotten boards.

This blog is so overdue for a spring update! It never got done partly because I have been too busy, and partly because I am not happy with the quality of the pictures my new camera takes. The Canon Powershot A1300 is supposed to be the next generation of my old one, which I loved. I picked it because I am old fashioned enough to want a viewfinder. Somehow I can't get it to do Macro mode consistently.  Must study manual with more patience. Anyway....To start with, a version of the VISION!
I borrowed it from Sue's Garden, Sue is the kind of organized gardener I would like to be, with design sense to boot. Reading her blog fills me with a combination of envy and inspiration.

My garden has things growing in it, but looks nothing like this. Some of the older beds were still partly intact and were banged back together with boards from the pile that was the old greenhouse, 1992-2006, RIP.  It It is not a pretty sight but will hold the soil in place for this year. One of the beds that was never surrounded yet has been planted and mulched. The same will be done to the area between that bed, at the Eastern edge of the garden, and the row of "fortresses". I am hoping to surround them with neat boxes as the summer progresses. Plans to purchase a cordless electric drill/driver are underfoot. But that is future music.
First we must get everything into the ground.

Time for some pictures, imperfect as they are. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my greenhouse?
Probably, but this is my blog and I will repeat myself if I want to.
Fall was a total loss in terms of preparing for next year. I had just received permission to get back on my feet when I had to fly to Holland because my baby sister was dying. It was some year. By the time I came home in November it was too cold to do anything outside. So I stuck the daffodil bulbs in the greenhouse. It worked like a charm. They barely blinked when they were transplanted and carried on blooming. We did get some early greens in the big tubs. This year I intend to have plants overwintered, Coleman-style, but these were transplanted after a start indoors.
On frosty nights the babies got extra protection.
Last year the big sunny flower border that runs from the driveway to the dwelling was completely neglected. This year I re-dug the whole thing! It is not done yet, more perennials need to be transplanted and the holes will be filled with annuals, some in containers.  I get to buy all the flowers I want this year, thanks to the legacy of my dear frugal sister. Life will be wall-to-wall flowers! Thanks sis.
The little front flowerbed looked really nice when the dafs and primroses were blooming at one end, and hyacinths and pansies in the corner by the stairs. 
The bottom one is an embarrassingly poor picture but it is the only one I have for the record.
We had some lovely weeks in May. Just before the weather broke the spirea was blooming lavishly in front of the lilac. This picture does not do them justice. 
There was a brief moment when the big border had been tidied up and the lawn was freshly mowed when it all looked quite nice. 
One of these days I will figure out the camera better. At least I now know how to get consistently to Auto.


  1. So nice to have a garden blog from you. Been feeling all alone here. But then I may not have done a garden blog yet. Or did it.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I wasn't done yet when you looked at it! I have been too busy DOING to blog about it, and the poor pictures bug me.

  2. I happen to think your garden looks lovely, in its random way. It has more charm. I hate raised beds myself anyway, for a lot of reasons I won't go into here.

    1. These pictures are the flower gardens, by the present dwelling. The vision concerns the fenced vegetable garden in front of the old house. It is a MESS.


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