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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brown time will be short this year

Originally posted on April 20 2009
"Brown Time" is the time after snowmelt and before the grass and bracken kick in. The gardens are still too wet to work, the plants are sleepily stirring underground but not doing much yet. There may be a few crocuses and snowdrops, but otherwise every green shoot is a rare cause for celebration.

We can walk all over our domain. In winter the snow is too deep, in summer the bracken too high. We stick to trails. But in spring the whole place is there for the cruising.

Ideally, Brown Time lasts from about mid-March to mid-April, and is a leisurely season of getting re-acquainted with the land, dragging messy branches to brush piles for burning, raking up some of the dead vegetation from the bracken field to use as mulch later on, tidying up the flowerbeds, moving some perennials around.

I am not one of those gardeners who can vizualise the lay-out with graph paper and ruler. I have to stand around leaning on a shovel and see the actual thing.

In a not-ideal year like this one March is still a winter month and the snow isn't gone till mid-April. That means we have to hit the ground running.

May is PANIC season. Everything wants to be done at once. I have to get the beds cribbed-in and the pathways permanently mulched this year because I just cannot keep up anymore.

It also appears to be a law that anyone who has received a Gift Certificate for Reflexology around Christmas wants to use it in May.

Victoria Day weekend is early this year, the first market will be on Saturday 16th, and I have hardly any plants made yet. And of course I don't have the income tax done yet. So what the H am I doing wasting time blogging?

HALLO! Earth to Ien: get off this addictive machine! NOW!

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