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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things coming together!

Greenhouse: ORDERED!
Chicken run: HELP ORGANIZED!

A small unexpected financial bonus allowed me to order an instant greenhouse. I am getting the Clearview garage from Canadian Tire. A friend in Ontario has one
that she used as a greenhouse and is happy with it. I even have permission to call her for technical advice if needed.

I had been thinking about creating a hoop structure with that wonderful woven covering from, or building an ambitious earth-bermed thing, but we have to take the reality of our human nature into account.

As mentioned before, I am a klutz with 2 left hands, both all thumbs. They are healing hands with green thumbs, but the thought of having to bang two boards together makes me break out in a cold sweat. It also takes me forever, and calling the results rickety would be an understatement.
Old Dutch is actually quite handy, but is hampered by the lack of a suitable work area with a level floor and saw horses and such. Besides he really does not enjoy the process. So it is easier to find other means of getting things done.

This prefab thing can be set up in one day with a bit of help, and then it will be DONE. The better can be the enemy of the good. Besides, if I ever do get more ambitious things together the shelter could be moved and used for other purposes.  

The chore of rebuilding the chicken run has been a daunting mountain. To begin with I need three gates. Well, need one, but more is so much handier. The barn is divided in half, so a laying flock of hens can do their thing while new chicks are cared for in the other half. I also want the run divided in 2 so the vegetation in one half can recover while the flock demolishes the other. Gates are coming! All built, and free lumber to boot.

A dear friend believes, mistakenly, that she owes me a favor. I did extra volunteering with her handicapped daughter this winter, so Mom could have some time off. My time in winter has a different value from my time in the growing season. Besides I love the young woman dearly. An afternoon with Rosie always leaves me feeling uplifted and grateful for my life. It was no hardship and we'll likely do it again next winter. But hey, if someone wants to give me free lumber and enjoys doing rough carpentry I will gladly accept!

This is the way the world is supposed to work: helping each other out and each doing what we're good at. This truly is a blessed corner of the world.

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