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Monday, December 12, 2011

Planning leeks for next year

I just got the last of the kale in today. I love running the stripped leaves through the food processor, so much easier than endless chopping. The resulting fine green flakes can be kept in the fridge for quite a while. They are a great addition to all kinds of soupy saucy concoctions.

Alas, the last leeks had to stay in the garden. The ground was too frozen. Sure, I could stick the fork in and get a clump of dirt complete with leek, but trying to remove the leek from the half frozen dirt just resulted in broken plants. Forget it. We'll get them in spring. They should have been mulched, but it is hard to get straw in between the plants if they are planted in an intensive square.

Plan for next year: plant one whole bed with a double row of leeks on each side of a single row of Brussels sprouts. They are all heavy feeders, need lots of water, would like a good layer of mulch, and are not harvested till late fall. How many leeks would that yield? Let's see...9 per square 3 per lineal foot...63 for a row....times 4. That should do it. Must do some reading to see if one row might be better.

We just dined on colcannon with cheese/leek sauce made with rooster broth. The whole meal except the cheese came from the land. I love it when that happens. Alas, not nearly enough.

Bed time.

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