View from the deck on a glorious morning in early June.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Equinox 2012

Happy Spring Equinox 2012
That is the view from the living room this morning. Note the fat flakes in the air. It is snowing buckets on this first day of spring. We had a dry easy winter, and now we are paying for it. I was afraid of that. On the plus side, we do need the moisture. If you think snow in spring is bad, try a bad forest fire season. It can get scary around here. 
Meanwhile, just because there is snow on the ground doesn't mean the garden is not starting.
These leeks have been at it since January. Leeks are pricey, delicious, a good use of garden space, and they can be kept all winter in the greenhouse. I want lots of them this year. They seem to be impervious to the fungus that gets garlic and regular onions. Multiplier onions don't get it either, don't ask me why. I just moved them to the greenhouse to make room under the grow lights for tomatoes.
The unmarked pots on the right are Jade X Brussels Sprouts.
Stupid thing: I had so many seeds left that I did not order any this year. But there is no Bush Beefsteak or Roma. Those varieties need a greenhouse, and I didn't have one yet when I  ordered seeds last year. Doh. Better get some in town soon. This is more plants  of early varieties than I will need, but I can select the best and donate some to the PALS (local SPCA) Mother's Day plant sale.

Small early greenery under the grow lights. I had been hoping for salads by now, but that has been disappointing. Inside the greenhouse the ground is bare and damp. Most plants have survived the winter, but new growth is sluggish. It has been mainly overcast. We need a bit of sun to warm things up. 
The biggest disappointment has been the curly endive. They were such beautiful vigorous plants when they went in last fall. I was looking forward to picking some outer leaves soon. Alas! The Rodent Enemy has eaten the growing heart out of them. All the outer leaves were lying severed on the ground. Must place traps. I will plant some of the early greens in the greenhouse as soon as it warms up a bit. 
This corn salad survived well, has started to grow, and so far has not been molested. We may have to experiment with greens in containers kept off the ground. Advantage: the greens can get started outside, and only be moved indoors once the tomatoes and cukes are finished.
What else do we have? 

Oh yes, parsley. It will go to seed, but not before yielding some welcome early leaves. Kale is leafing out. I should have planted more plants closer together. Next fall.

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