View from the deck on a glorious morning in early June.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Garden 2015. And so it begins.. .

We are eating green onion tops. The leeks just had their first haircut. The first seeds of hardy greenery are emerging under the grow lights. 
I hereby declare this garden season officially opened.
Leeks are one plant I can put in the window sill. They get trimmed when they get floppy, and the container gets turned around to keep them growing straight. Leek babies don't mind being crowded but love having vertical space for their roots. This narrow planter fits on the shelf and has a good tray to catch drips. The shelf space next to the onions has to stay clear for the sake of the cat. She insists. OR ELSE!
We are having an exceptionally early spring, unless winter makes a comeback. As mentioned elsewhere, the land can be clear of snow any time from early March to mid April, with snowfalls in late April or early May not uncommon. It looks like we will have an early start to the season this year. Even if we get more snow, whatever is gone now will not have to melt later. I am itching to get the new roof over the greenhouse, but there is still too much snow in the way. 
Go snow go! I get frustrated imagining how warm it would be in there if the roof were on and what a pleasure it would be to mess around in thawed out dirt. However, the soil will be healthier for the exposure to frost and snow, the cover will last longer and it sure was nice to have no worries about the works collapsing. We had one epic snow fall that would have been impossible to keep up with.

The vernal pond is trying to become just that. 
The grow light setup has new tubes. This necessitated taking the heavy frame off its stand and putting it back on. At first I thought something was broken, but fortunately my handy electrician friend and barter partner Rick knew exactly how to twist them into place. Phew! Rick will also give me a hand when the time comes to reinstall the roof in return for body work. Old Dutch did it 4 years ago, all by himself, but that was then. It still took me the better part of a morning to get the tubes back onto their metal frame thingy. I had to do it three times. Never mind all the details, I am a bit learning disabled when it comes to practical things. It is done and that is all that counts. 
The first planting is just early greens, hardy stuff that can go into the greenhouse ASAP. In a few weeks I will need the lights for tomatoes. If the roof is not on then we will enjoy them as microgreens.

And so it begins.


  1. Nice to see gardening begin somewhere. So leeks are grown inside all year or just until you can put them out. I have always wanted to try leeks. Changing what I plant in my garden this year. And I am letting the sprouting of seeds fall to the organic garden place in Taos.

    Thanks for adding hope to my winter wonderland this morning.

  2. Leeks are tough as nails but take a long time. They will be transplanted in May or April. I like to have lots. There is something to be said for just getting seedlings. I do this with peppers because I want just a few.

  3. Looks like you are more than ready for Spring and gardening. It is beautiful in your neck of the woods. I've only had the privilege of visiting once and taking in the hot springs. Very nice!


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