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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Space well wasted.

A variation on the old theme: LESS is MORE. I have to learn that over and over, but the message is finally sinking in. 

If one has a limited amount of garden space the first instinct is to cram in as many plants as possible. Even though I have ten acres to play with, vegetables have to be grown inside the fenced garden and the greenhouse. 

When I make a garden plan I hate wasting square footage on pathways. Surely, a foot and a half in between beds should be enough? It's not as if I plan to drive a roto tiller in between the rows. 

Space is especially at a premium in the greenhouse. One hates to waste any square footage in that precious micro climate. This year I crammed the three two feet diameter tubs together and fitted a fourth container in as well. The location of one tub is a given, It sits on a huge unmovable but flat topped rock. I have to work around it. The picture below is from early May. Arugula on the left, the other tubs just used as table tops to hold trays with starts.

Well, by the time the permanent residents of those tubs grew up I could barely get around them to tend to the plants. The slugs on the other hand had no such problem. They love slithering up the smooth sides. The three large tubs were planted in heat lovers, jalapeno and egg plant, plus a few marigolds just for pretty. They suffered from slug depredation because I could not get to them easily enough. The smaller black pot held strawberries and became sadly neglected. Not that it was impossible to get to the plants, it was just awkward, and during the growing season one is just TOO BUSY. At least I am. I really have too much garden, but I keep thinking that if I can just figure out how to do it smarter I should be able to have flowers and herbs and vegetables in all the available spaces, and get the successions all figured out, and never have to buy anything I can potentially grow ever again....Dream on. 

Anyway, every action that requires that extra bit of effort tends to get postponed, not out of laziness, but because there are so many other urgent things that need to be done. So, semi fail for that one.

The most productive space in the greenhouse has been the narrow bed across from the tubs. Even there, I noticed this year some neglect crept in because the space behind it was crammed full of pots with plants in waiting and I just could not get to the beans without carefully stepping over things. 

I finally got around to making a box to protect that space, and even though I could potentially make it 3x8 or even 9, I choose to leave easy walking space and make it 71/2 by 21/2. 
This bed can also get separate  protection and be a mini hoop house or cold frame before and after the greenhouse cover comes off, any day now.
As long as the building supplies store cuts the boards to size I can create my own boxes. I am quite pleased with myself. 

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