View from the deck on a glorious morning in early June.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Notes on a cool day

In the middle of that frenzied time known as Panic Week(s), when everything is late and screaming to be planted already! we are having a change of weather. The earliest spring ever, with droughty weeks of above average temperatures, gave way to a cool rainy period. The ground is too wet to do anything. I didn't even set foot outside today.  I hope my potted plants in the greenhouse forgive me because even they did not get checked. The day's main accomplishment was the finishing of a jigsaw with two parrots on the iPad app. 
Gaia knows why I find that useless activity the ultimate in relaxation, but I do. I needed the rest. 

Meanwhile, let's record what we have so far.  I am focusing flower efforts on the area right by the dwelling. Anything else that gets done will be bonus. Once again begonias were planted right by the stairs. Must clip back that periwinkle one of these days.
I managed to get the 'lawn' mowed before the downpour but that is all. The yard zone needs trimming and weeding badly. 
The clematis blooms abundantly in spite of neglect.
The big flower border is going to wreck and ruin, too bad but we can only so much. The white peony was stunning but the pink lupin in the border died out. Lupins bloom freely all over the land. Let's leave them in peace in places of their choice and enjoy their beauty without striving for control. This stunning specimen is a volunteer.
I got started at renewing the corner where the Michaelmas Daisy had degenerated, but never got finished. At some point food takes precedence.
Speaking of food: the earliest Sieglinde potatoes are thriving under cover in the section I call the Greenhouse Zone. It has those nice sturdy boxes but no surrounding fence. The row cover does double duty as deer protection.
Brussels Sprouts are doing well in two of the four large beds in that section. They are accompanied by Lucullus chard and celery.
One of the other large beds, below in front of the wheelbarrow, has Norland potatoes, and one is still full of flowers that need to be dug up first. Since this was taken the Norlands have come up and been covered as well.
A few years ago I stuck a few irises in front of the greenhouse, "just for now". They have gone nuts and were glorious. The picture does not do them justice.
I could happily spend an afternoon tidying up that area, BUT. Food first. Inside the greenhouse things are going well.

I should have planted just one broccoli plant in this spot, more towards the middle. I almost did but greed overtook me. When will I learn? This variety, Packman, keeps giving side shoots for months. In the meantime this bed also holds two tomato plants in cages and two short rows of Jade bush beans.
The 3 by 4 boxes are planted in early greens and snow peas for now. Look Ma, flowers! That is only the few who survived being prestarted and transplanted.
The other ones are catching up fast. The spinach in this bed has gone to seed, and meanwhile the green onions have been harvested. In between the peas and the bok choy is now a short row of Roc d'Or snap bans.
Then there are many plants on the big table patiently waiting their turn to be planted out or potted up. 
But that is a whole other post.


  1. Oh, everything looks marvelous! The clematis and iris are stunning. The brussels sprouts look robust, as do the celery. Isn't that fabric great stuff?? I cover more and more every year with it. Protects from insects and weather. I just love it.
    I'm slowly getting things planted---we've had an incredibly early start to the garden year and I'm having fun with that.
    Have a great week in the garden

    1. I look forward to your promised early June post. We had the earliest start ever and I am still behind. I am not as fast as I used to be and I try to do too much. I have the advantage of not having to worry about neighbours fussing over the state of my lawn.


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