View from the deck on a glorious morning in early June.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The redemption of the circle.

If I had a grave, which I won't, since we'll go for cheap cremation, I would want the headstone to read:

Here lies Ien. Next year her garden will be perfect.

This year the plans for doing things differently and better next year started before the snow was even gone, with the failure of the leek starts.
I am happy to report I have the perfect setup for them ready to roll. Home Hardware yielded a planter that fits on the window sill, and did not have drainage holes punched through yet. Yeah! It holds 4 large square pots with just a bit of room to spare. With the addition of a capillary watering mat it is a perfect fit. Leek babies do not mind being cheek to jowl as long as they have room to go down. Seeds are at hand. So there. 

The winter window will be lively. I saved lots of tops of those crazy top setting onions for use in window boxes. Chives always just sit there and complain indoors, multipliers get wimpy, but the smaller bulbs of Egyptian walking onions make great green onions indoors. Is there any dish that is not improved by a last minute sprinkling of fresh green onions? 
Then there will be the indoor garden I splurged on last winter for microgreens. The seed order will be small this time, but notes are being diligently made so we are ready for an early start. MOAR annual flowers! I loved having my own alyssum, snapdragon  and baby zinnia from dirt cheap seeds picked up at the end of the season. Baby dahlias took a long time to hit their stride but are happening now. Why do I never get around to starting more flowers? There must be cosmos, the tall pink kind. Why did I not stick seeds of nasturtium, which I love, in every empty nook and cranny? And why not start petunias myself? I have added more tables to the greenhouse space to emphasize starter plants and container growing. 

Next year.


  1. Next year--the gardeners favorite mantra, and possibly the reason gardeners never die---they simply CAN'T--because NEXT YEAR IS GONNA BE THE YEAR!!! LOL! Yes. We are optimists. I'm already noting all the "wrongs" of this year so that next year will be better. So, I have my guarantee I'll make it through another long winter because I simply MUST!
    Looking forward to seeing what the future holds in your garden. Sounds like you have some pretty great ideas in the pipeline.

  2. Old gardeners never die, they just turn to compost.

  3. A gardener with a great sense of humour!! I love your blog:)


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